Musical Theater - Sing! Dance! Act! (WEDNESDAYS)

with Holly Stauder

Fall 2017

Show title: The Great Pumpkin
With the professional instruction of Holly Stauder, students will learn the art of character development. They will strengthen their storytelling skills through dance, dialogue, and song as we put together highlights of scenes and songs from a selected show,  cultivating in a performance for family and friends at Highwood Rec Center! 

1st – 3rd Grade 

Wednesday 4-5:00 pm
Sept 5- Oct 24 (8 Weeks)
Cost $250
Instructor Holly Stauder

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Become Your Own Star_ Insta

Become Your Own Star: on camera study (8 to 12yrs)

NEW CLASS-begins Friday September 1st

with Emily Rabinowitz

Cameras UP! Learn the special skill set it takes to become a director and develop powerful concepts to shoot on your personal smart device.  This class offers the full experience needed for preparing self-taped auditions/videos and getting them out in the eyes of the public. You will gradually become more comfortable with the all-seeing lens of the camera and improve upon connecting with your audience. You will build confidence to audition and work with other actors effectively, not only on camera, but off as well.  You will learn on camera slang and phrases to be prepared to work (and feel “in the know”) on a professional set. You will play with your creativity and build upon your improvisational skills in order to feel prepared at whatever the industry throws your way. So, what are you waiting for? Lights, Camera, Action!”

Class Location: Off the Ground
3330 Skokie Valley Road. Highland Park
Fridays 5:00-8:00PM
8-12yr olds
Sept 1 -Oct 6

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